Ethnic carpets: a beautiful and mysterious decoration

Carpet ethnic wool balkans carpet pirot

If you dream of an exotic decoration, the Ethnic carpet Is then done for you! African, Berber and kilim carpets exist in many original designs and in warm colors. Originally, ethnic carpets were made only of natural materials (wool, cotton), but nowadays they are made of synthetic materials including polypropylene.

In rectangular, round or square shape, discover the mysterious and historical beauty of ethnic-style carpets with our special selection of 24 floor mats and find the one that best suits your decor.

Berber ethnic rug for children's room: practical and aesthetic

Carpet ethnic berber idea room child deco practice

Ethnic carpets cover modern interiors as well as those with rustic influences or Bohemia S . The oriental carpets bring a small original side to each interior. In the living room, the dining room, the bedroom or the bathroom, the carpet is decorated as much aesthetically as practical. The interiors in Scandinavian Style Are sometimes somewhat sterile. By adding a beautiful carpet with original pattern, it immediately brings a warm touch of warmth.

Kilim de Pirot with colorful patterns in the children's room

Kilim interior decorative floor mats decoration kilim

The kilim is a wool carpet without velvet. Instead of being knotted, it is embroidered by hand. The word kilim is of Turkish origin and can be spelled Klim or Kelim . It is derived from Persian Gelim And designates a flat wool carpet typical for the Near East. It can also be made of cotton or goat hair. The kilim leads its origins from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Idea of ​​exterior decoration with kilims of Pirot

Pirot carpet kilim ethnic deco outdoor wooden bench design

Until a certain time, the kilims were not manufactured to be commercialized and they were always authentic. Each tribe and town had their own style of carpet. Some tribes used darker colors while others had lighter colors. Depending on the region, the kilim may be more streamlined or more complex. The kilims and their motifs are not religious inheritances, but rather have a pagan origin because the symbolic writing used for their decoration is linked to shamanistic beliefs.

Kilim de Pirot: ethnic carpet from the Balkan mountains

Ethnic carpet pirot kilim deco idea

The kilims serve as a cover for the grounds of the mosques. Nowadays, they can be used on the floor, on the walls or at the head of the bed and even in curtains. In Tunisia, it is the nomads of the south of the country who make kilims which were then used to cover the litters of the camels. Tunisian carpets are usually very variegated and in two simple geometric forms: the triangle and the diamond. Have you ever heard of the kilim of Pirot? The kilim of Pirot is one of the most important kilims originating in Europe for its exceptional artistic and technological qualities. The kilim of Pirot was created in the mountains of the Balkans, Serbia and Bulgaria. Its use was established both in Muslim culture and in Christian culture. Nowadays, one can find kilims of Pirot in the Bulgarian monasteries of Rila and Hilandar or in the mosque of Vidin.

The ethnic carpet of Pirot comes from a great tradition of weaving transmitted from generation to generation

Kilim de pirot idea deco sol idea deco authentic

What is the Berber carpet? The Berber carpet is a kind of ethnic carpet woven by Berbers in North Africa. Often it is called"Moroccan carpet"or"carpet of Morocco". For centuries, these carpets are made according to the same traditions and the same types of looms. The different models of Berber carpets and their motifs have symbolic origins in connection with religion and the beliefs of culture.

Carpet Market in Morocco

Market carpet design decoration interior design rug

The tradition of weaving is usually transmitted from mother to daughter. Berber carpets are traditionally made of wool and by hand. All carpets have undergone a renewal of their forms and nowadays there are several modern interpretations of the classic berber carpet.

Berber carpet vintage made about 20-30 years ago by berber women in wool, online sale on Coco Carpets

Carpet ethnic Berber deco interior design idea vintage floor mat

This carpet is in green, yellow, pink, white, black, red, brown, purple

Carpet floor berber decoration idea kilim design

Idea how to integrate ethnic style floor mats in a modern design lounge

Carpet ethnic deco floor idea lounge sofa gray armchair deco wall table

Berber rug vintage made about 20-30 years ago by Berber women wool, for sale on Coco Carpets

Carpet berber decoration floor lounge idea

This carpet was made by a Berber woman in wool and cotton thread for domestic use

Carpet deco floor carpet marocain berbère idea

Ethnic carpets are very aesthetic and ideal for minimalist interiors

Carpet ethnic interior decoration idea lounge living room floor

Berber carpet in black and white by Hind Beni Ourain

Carpet floor deco ethnic idea lounge carpet floor

Berber rug vintage made 20-30 by Berber women in hand in wool

Vintage berber carpet living room decoration ideas floor parquet

Idea of ​​living room with exotic carpet

Oriental carpets decoration idea black lounge kilim

Original and original wall decoration with Berber floor mats on sale online Coca Carpets

Moroccan carpets decoration ideas interior Berber carpets

Modern living room decorated with authentic carpets

Carpet floor oriental deco ethnic idea couch corner cushions round table

Idea of ​​wall decoration with ethnic style rugs

Carpet ethnic deco wall lounge idea sofa yellow cushions

The floor mat is an ideal decoration for the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom and... the dressing room!

Carpet persian deco dressing idea indoor plant

Pirot carpet in original wool

Carpet deco interior carpet wool idea pirot

Berber floor mat in blue with white pattern

Carpet floor blue idea deco wall sofa white cushions

Moroccan carpet in black and white

Carpet floor moroccan white black idea table low wood