Decor blue room duck for a serene interior

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Decoration blue room duck? How to introduce one of the most trendy blue hues this season, the blue duck, in its modern bedroom interior? The answers, illustrated with a gallery of 25 images of interiors inspired by the color of the sky and the ocean.

Deco room blue duck: inspiring ideas for an interior at the top

Idea decoration room blue duck interior color trend wall painting ideas

This year, the flagship color of 2017 and the most trendy, is probably blue. Blue duck, peacock blue or oil blue: these three colors have invaded the walls and interiors of contemporary homes to make them cooler, natural and relaxing. In this publication, illustrated with 25 images of contemporary interiors, we will be interested in blue in all its variations and all its states. Afterwards, we will discover the colors that combine best with blue duck, peacock blue, azure blue, The blue oil , Light blue...

Inviting blue in its interior is inviting serenity

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Idea of ​​trendy blue hues to paint the walls of the modern room

Decoration bedroom blue duck idea idea painting wall decoration chair wood white

The color blue duck, halfway between blue and green, derives its name from the plumage of certain species of duck, just as the peacock blue.

Blue Duck , Peacock blue, oil blue, light blue...

Blue color idea decy deco room indoors trend deco blue ideas

Blue is considered a cold and intense shade at a time. Associated with the sea and the sky, it is not surprising that this color, as soon as it is present, makes fresh and purified all interior. Blue, as well as green, helps in concentration, but also in meditation and relaxation. For this, colors, such as blue and green, are very often chosen for the covering of the walls and floor of the adult and child bedrooms.

The oil blue: another trendy hue this season

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Blue is very much appreciated in interior design and is beautifully associated with gray, yellow, white, light pink, black as well as other shades of blue and green.

Idea of ​​blue tint to paint the walls of the modern room Idea decoration blue room interior painting wall trend decorate space

Which shade of blue choose for its interior, it depends on your personal tastes and the brightness of the space in question. If your room is large, orientated east or west, and enjoys a large dose of sunshine daily, then you can afford the choice of a shade of darker blue. Any dark color is to be used in moderation: one can paint one of its walls, install some furniture or some decorative objects. The rule is to never put too much as you risk making your interior very dark and unwelcoming. If your room is dim and lacking space, our advice is to prefer shades of lighter blue to open visually and bring more light to your space.

Blue hue idea to dress up the walls of your contemporary interior

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Inviting blue in its interior is inviting serenity. There are several ways to integrate it into a room: dressing the walls, putting on the floor, installing movable and decorative accessories, putting on sails or curtains. Which of these options will depend on the size of your room and its brightness.

Which shade of blue to choose depends on the size and the luminosity of your room and your desires

Decoration interior room idea blue duck trendy deco Light blue is chosen for light and small rooms Decoration bedroom wall painting blue idea space bed headboard pink wall light Bedroom with wall painted blue and headboard padded in dark gray Deco room idea headboard padded bedroom wall blue armchair

Blue is often present in contemporary living room interiors. He dresses the walls, installs himself in the form of velvet sofa or design armchair, or else, he invited himself in the form of carpets.

Wall painted blue, sofa in white, vegetable decoration and teapot in contrasting pink

Wall painting blue idea dress wall piece decoration sofa cushions coffee table wood

The interior shown in the image below is a fabulous example of how to combine several shades of blue in one room. The wall and the door are painted in very dark blue, the sofa is in blue duck. The whole is married to the white, to the wood and to the green and fresh color of the potted plant.

Blue also invites itself in the modern living room

Sofa blue living room idea coffee table plant deco armchair chair cushions

Idea of ​​wall decoration with frame on a wall painted in azure blue

Wall painting idea room deco frames composition wooden chest of drawers

One of the most popular associations is blue and yellow. The yellow, symbolizing the sun, is a warm, lively, dynamic tint. As soon as it is present, it brightens the room and brings positive energy. However, yellow is a very intense color and it is advisable to use it in small doses. Married to blue, it balances and becomes less intense, while blue on its side, seems less cold and softer. Here's why many people love the blue and yellow association.

Blue blends perfectly with yellow: the sky and the sun Decoration wall blue idea associate colors blue deco wall idea sofa living room Contemporary living room with wallpaper and sofa in blue
Wallpaper idea decoration salon trend interior sofa

As already mentioned, if you have your living room already laid out and you still want to invite the blue color, one of the easiest ways to do it, is to install curtains or a floor mat In blue duck, oil blue or any other shade of blue that makes you want. The interior shown below has been designed in light colors (white, beige, wood), so that it looks less sterile its designers have added curtains and a floor mat in blue duck / pastel blue. We love the small wooden coffee table and we easily recognize the vase of Muuto.

Salon designed in light colors with curtains and floor mats in blue duck
Curtains blue idea interior living room sofa modern wall bricks frame Idea curtains in duck blue for a more intimate interior
Blue curtains idea room decoration interior modern

For the children's room or the teenage room, one will choose blue and white. Girl or boy, blue is a soothing hue that will help your child to sleep easily. Associate it with white and add some yellow buttons.

Bedroom Idea that blends blue, yellow and white Room idea bed design deco curtains blue wall open bathroom