Deco staircase original and modern in 20 design solutions to explore!

deco staircase original design-modern-living room

The modern staircase is more than just a set of elements that make it easier to move inside a house on two or more levels. In any case, this is what we are told about the photos of modern interior designers' creations that we share with you in this small collection of images.

Ideas of deco stairs original and modern

In a modern house, the staircase can easily become a focal point of the decor. This is particularly the case of interior stairs that impress with their originality in a minimalist or uncluttered. The proof, in pictures below!

How to transform a small staircase into a focal point of its interior

deco staircase original wood-steps-suspended-led-lighting

Even a small staircase can play the role of focal point in a modern living space. So, for example, you can bet on floating type wooden steps. Accompany them with delicate lighting made in bright strips. This solution will be even more impressive if you have decided to bet on the white color as a dominant shade in your decor. We see a beautiful illustration with this space inspired by industrial design and Scandinavian style.

Some original stairs deco ideas for suspended steps


The hanging stairs create an interesting effect in modern interior spaces by imitating the appearance of steps that float in the air. You can accent this original staircase deco solution with a wire railing.

deco staircase original stairs-floating-wood-wallpaper-scandinavian

This type of solution, very trendy at the moment, highlights the floating markets. The guard, meanwhile, seems to support them in the air as if by magic.

An idea of ​​deco interior stairs for small spaces

deco stairs original wood-small-space-painting-white

Do you own a small apartment? So you are probably looking for an original staircase deco idea for this space. On the picture above, a really interesting solution for you. It is based on the contrast between the color of the wood and the color of the mural. The compact wooden steps are ideal for steep stairs.

Our ideas to decline the spiral staircase in modern version


The spiral staircase is well known as a time-saving solution. Currently, you can take the snail shape of this interior staircase to create an entrance hall that impresses with its geometric shapes.


Want to give a more modern touch to your original stairway deco? Opt for white color and glass and metal elements!

Give more originality to its modern design staircase thanks to an interesting railing

idee-deco staircase, wood-painting-black-railing-modern

Do you like natural deco and think about the layout of a wooden staircase? So examine this design model which is characterized by a double railing. The architect of this interior space enjoys the classic combination of black color and natural wood hue. All in order to make this staircase a natural and trendy accent!

Take advantage of a guard rail made of metal wire

stair-suspended-modern-design-wall wood

The interesting railing is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to focus on its original stairway deco. To this end, you can bet on a wire railing that seems to create the impression of an interesting piece separation.

railings stair-design-modern-son-metal

Another idea of ​​original guard rail, this solution in blue color that seems to imitate the appearance of rope son. In addition, it gives a touch of color to the space dominated by white paint.

For an original and minimalist stair deco, go for glass steps

stair-interior-design-marches-glass deco-grand-entree

Do you prefer the minimalist decor? So let yourself be seduced by this suspended type staircase with glass steps. Fairy, it fulfills perfectly its function without visually cluttering the room. A clever solution so we can take advantage especially in a small entrance!

How to give a modern look to a classic staircase with landing


The staircase with landing is one of the most used models in modern interior spaces. We love it not only for its classic appearance but also for the extra security it offers us in terms of traffic. On the picture above, an idea to give a touch of originality to this type of staircase.

How to incorporate your modern staircase into your interior without cluttering it

deco stairs original color-white-deco-wood-ideas

Melting the color of his classic staircase with that of his home's mural is another clever way to visually lighten the interior space. Thus, in a room painted in white, one can opt for the color white for the steps of his staircase. A few touches of black on these will give your original stair deco an appearance similar to that of floating type stairs.

How to make your design stairs a decorative accent with an original paint color

deco stair-colimacon-interior-idea-of-gain-up

Painting is probably the best way to catch sight of an element of its interior design. The proof, with this original staircase of Scandinavian inspiration painted in yellow color.

How to highlight a modern staircase in white and wood

stair-modern-design-wood-railing glass

The marriage of white and wood is a classic solution not only for floor and wall coverings but also for deco stairs. If you want to add an extra touch of originality to your staircase design, consider an arrangement with a contrasting color handrail such as black.

An original staircase deco for those who are seduced by the geometric style


You like the modern decor and geometric? So let it know through a wooden geometric staircase that can be a work of art in its own right! But beware, this solution can be problematic in a home-based home with children in basic age where people with reduced mobility.

An original staircase deco idea with stone accent wall

deco-staircase-design-wall stone-stairs-wood

To incorporate even better its internal staircase in the whole of the design of its house one can also opt for an accent wall. It will be located just behind the steps, as shown in the picture above. In this original staircase deco project, a stone wall has been designed to harmonize perfectly with the wooden steps.

How to decorate your home with Nordic style stairs


In a Scandinavian design house, there is nothing better than opting for an original staircase deco with Nordic-style colors. The black steps with glass railings catch the eye on this component of the decor. The white paint chosen for the rest of the decor contributes more to this effect.

An idea of ​​deco staircase original for house with high ceilings

grand staircase-modern-interior-deco-design-architecture
Do you live in a house with high ceilings? So why not take advantage of the extra volume to enhance your staircase? For this, let yourself be seduced by the solution shown on the picture above!