Deco room gray and pink for a serene and soft interior

Deco Room Gray and Pink Pendant Light Idea Coffee Table

Want a room decoration gray and pink? How to introduce these two colors in its modern interior and with which shades to associate them: discover the illustrated answers of a gallery of 29 fabulous interiors.

Deco room gray and pink in 29 inspiring ideas

Deco room gray and pink deco wall frame idea cushions bed coffee table

For more than a decade, clear and neutral colors dominate contemporary interiors. This year, we are witnessing the return of more lively and dynamic nuances, such as blue And green. In this folder, we will present 29 contemporary bedroom interiors of which the gray and pink are dominant, and sometimes the blue and green present.

Bedroom in gray and pink with light and black wooden elements

Gray is not a color in the true sense of the term. Halfway between white and black, the gray color exists in light and dark hues. It is very appreciated in interior design for its neutral and mineral side. As for the pink, it is very liked for its soft appearance and represents a less imposing alternative to red. For a contemporary and stylish bedroom, you can choose from light pink shades and avoid very dark shades such as fushia, candy pink or bright pink. The pink salmon is very fashionable this year in interior design and fashion.

Harmonious interior that blends gray, pink, blue, yellow and white
Deco room gray and pink idea bed cushions coffee table wood

The gray is easily associated with all colors, white and black. He dresses kitchens, lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms. Neutral and soothing, gray is also one of the dominant colors in Scandinavian, minimalist, and industrial design interiors.

Deco room decoration gray and pink with Small open dressing room
Deco room gray and pink bed idea lighting dressing open deco paintings

Painting your walls in pale pink or gray depends on your personal tastes. The interior presented above is very elegant in appearance. Its walls painted pink eggshell * makes it more feminine, bright and open. The black keys highlight the bed and the furniture elements of the room.

Small open apartment with walls painted pink eggshell Deco room idea pink gray wall frame cushions diy Bedroom in gray and pink with open dressing: elegant interior, feminine and cocoon Bedroom dressing open pink gray interior modern small apartment deco wall frames

Painting these walls in pink is an ideal solution if you want to create a more feminine interior, soft and cocoon. For a more sophisticated atmosphere, neither feminine nor masculine, one will choose the gray to dress the walls. Gray and pink are beautifully combined with copper elements, as shown in the image below. The suspended fixture and the small copper bedside table are highlighted by the faded gray wall color and the pale pink sheets.

Bedroom with wall painted in gray and copper elements
Idea room pink gray decorative cushions copper lamp

Any contemporary interior designer will advise you to choose white or a very light shade to dress up the walls of your small living space or small room. To make a larger interior look, we always opt for very clear colors and we try to open the space to the maximum. If you are tired of your walls all white, refresh them then painting them in pale pink, gray or very light blue.

Small modern, open and bright apartment designed in white and pink
Mezzanine idea armchair pink lamp bed cushions decoration wall stairs

A room inside which has no vegetation, is a shame! If you are looking for the original decorating ideas for your room in gray and pink, there is nothing better than decorating your interior with Potted plants : They will not only purify the air, but will help you to concentrate better and rest better.

Deco room decoration gray and pink with pot plants green

Deco bedroom idea bed headboard coffee table lamp idea trendy cushions

We have already mentioned several times, the blue is the flagship color of 2017 which invites itself permanently in our interiors of living room, dining room, bathroom and modern room. For a room interior in gray and pink, we will add light blue on the walls or furniture in blue duck to bring freshness and serenity to the atmosphere.

Bedroom with wall in blue married to white, pink, gray and copper

Wall gray idea deco plant vase coffee table bed headboard

If the size and brightness of your bedroom allow it, it is possible to paint one of your walls in duck blue or oil blue. These two hues, very trendy this season, dress more and more the interiors of contemporary pieces.

Bedroom interior with dark blue wall, furniture and decoration in pink and white Bedroom gray and pink picture wall decoration idea headboard gray armchair coffee table wood bouquet flowers White, gray and pink for a harmonious interior Bedroom idea wall decoration composition photo lighting bed cushions bedside table

Bedroom interior with gray painted wall and pink wood furniture

Deco room interior modern idea lighting fixture table bedside wood frames Bedroom in white and gray with decorative elements in pink Deco bedroom teenager idea bed wall frames shelves wood luminaire suspension

Contemporary Bedroom Idea with Floor and Headboard in Gray and Decorative Elements in Pink

Deco idea headboard gray luminaire bois déco trend

The marble effect is very impressive in appearance and immediately attracts the eye. This is the case of the bedroom, shown in the image below, the wall of which was dressed in pastel pink, combined with furniture and decorative elements in copper and white. The icing on the cake: the marble-effect sheets that make it look like this unique interior.

Bedroom with pastel pink wall combined with copper and white decorative elements

Deco room wall gray pink idea copper coffee table deco potted plant

An industrial style pendant lamp, made of copper or metal, is a decorative and practical addition to the bedroom designed in gray and pink.

Modern bedroom interior with sleek, sleek look Deco room idea lighting fixture cushions frames idea curtains Idea of ​​decoration gray and pink for an interior all white, all purified Room deco gray pink idea cushions decoration wall trendy carpet floor Ideas interior gray, pink, blue and white and suspended luminaire
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Pendant light in copper or metal for an original decorative touch

Deco room idea plant wall bricks design interior deco frames