Curtain separating room of different materials to make more decorating ideas

curtain pink-pale-loft room divider

Putting a room separator curtain is essential when you want to create distinct corners in your loft or apartment large space without wanting to build a dividing wall and close spaces or install any room dividers shelves.

Room dividing curtain: the elegant solution

Separating the room by a curtain is not the only elegant solution. There are also others, such as the original screen and modern. But the room separating curtain is the only elegant solution that is suspended from the ceiling and falls freely.

Semi-transparent room divider

Sometimes it is not quite a room separating curtain but a separating room suspension that looks and falls exactly like it. This depends mainly on the interior design of the premises and the tastes of the residents. In any case, those who choose the curtain as a room separator are people who do not want to make separate rooms but only close particular spaces when necessary.

Curtain separating room of different materials to make more decorating ideas

Indeed, sometimes it is necessary to arrange a small corner in a large room to do something in peace. Since this need is occasional, hiding from the rest of the world should not require colossal efforts.

Curtain separating room from different materials to make more decorating ideas 1

On the other hand, this need to stay alone with oneself or with someone else can be born everywhere: at home, at the office, at the polling station, and so on. A simple curtain and we can meet the particular need!

white room dividing curtain

The room divider provides great privacy without having to do work in a loft or open space. The room dividing curtain makes it possible to isolate a person seeking peace without wanting to build real partitions and to end the opening, the sharing and the conviviality.

yellow-satin room divider

Suspending pretty satin curtains, no matter the color, may prove to be the chic solution. In an enormous interior space, putting curtains not only on the windows may look beautiful at the decoration level because the fabric dresses up the empty space. Moreover, if you want to create a small space without windows by separating it from the rest of the room by a curtain to install a bed or something else, the curtains will seem the choice to make because this small space will be equipped with curtains as if there were windows.

curtain room separator blue-bedroom-living room

At the sound level, the room dividing curtain may not be the best solution but it is certainly one of the easiest to achieve and is more or less practical. In addition, you can order the curtains you want and there, there are no limits in terms of shapes, colors, materials, design, etc.

curtain room separator brown-dark

Iron Room Separation Curtain

Some room dividing curtains are more original than others. Some people do not like the fabric but other materials, like metal, for example. Here is an extraordinary room divider. It represents a metal frame and metal chains falling from its upper part.

curtain room separator chains-metal-suspension

Instead of having such a strange installation, you can remain optional metal but choose a more conventional separator. This represents a frame installed between the ceiling and the floor and metal bars arranged exactly like a barcode.

curtain separator bar-metal

Room divider made of wire and beads

The wires that fall can be embellished with crystals or beads. A little shine can bring luster and style to the room that the curtain separates.

curtain room separator wire-black-crystals

There is no requirement that the room divider divide the room into two. It can be a small part of a curtain that serves as a separator especially in the head of the one who installs it.

curtain room separator idee-ikea

Variable geometry part separator curtain

When you're looking for originality, the pearl rare in decoration, you can have a look at these diamonds tied to what they can spin around them. The rotation of these lozenges in relief makes this curtain a little special a piece of art.

curtain room dividers diamond-rotation-suspension

Having the same function as a room dividing curtain, this work of art in white diamonds in suspension and in rotation offers a lot of originality and style.

curtain room divider rhombus-suspension

As can be seen on the top and bottom photos, the white separator can be installed at home or in the office. The modernity that characterizes it would fit perfectly in a main residence as well as a place of work.

curtain room dividers diamond-shaped

For those who love style and wood, here is another beautiful composition of geometric figures arranged one below the other and offering a curtain separating aesthetic and stylish room.

curtain separator room wood-form-modern-suspension

Room divider curtain type moucharabieh

Here is a separator of suspended piece which reminds from far away the moucharabieh because of the fence which forms a kind of geometric drawing. This geometric design is not in this case Islamic and therefore the fence has nothing to do with the moucharabieh.

curtain separator metal-black

When the mesh is in flower and butterfly shapes and exists in several colors, you will have a colorful and cheerful piece separator in full suspension. This type of curtain reveals a clean and minimalist interior that is close to the Japanese style and gives it a fresh spring touch. The mixture of diametrically opposed styles speaks of modernity and openness.

curtain separator room four-color

On the other hand, there is less flexibility and therefore more rigidity in the colonial style separator. Natural, beautiful, stylish, this room separator is made of a noble material, namely wood. The color is left natural and in this way the room separating curtain goes well with the leather and other natural materials present on the premises.

Colonial style room divider

curtain separator style-colonial room

Finally, one can stay modern without making a deviation towards any originality. For that, there is glass. A glass separator is the ideal solution for your office and more rarely for your home.

Glass room divider for office

curtain separator glass-plastic-office