Create your unique straw bag for the beach: this is the 2018 trend

straw bag face-to-the-sea

Yeah, the straw bag trend is real and does not seem to be going anywhere. It's summer, you could definitely go out and offer yourself a new bag but"Why buy when you can create it for yourself?


straw bag for-the-beach

We have chosen for you some DIY projects to make you the best straw bag for going out or going to the beach. Look, think, then create your own bag of the size and color that suits you best!

straw bag and tassels

1. Bag in straw: The circle

trendy straw bag

Below, we have developed a simple straw bag in the shape of a DIY circle that seems to be very fashionable this summer of 2018. Every blogger and celebrity (even Beyoncé) has been wearing such a bag for months. The one we propose is composed of two rattan trivets that you can buy in any shop of household objects! It's cool, is not it? Keep reading for all the materials you will need, plus step-by-step instructions.

bag-in-straw-round trend

You need to:

• 2 rattan trivets of the same size.
• Piece of beige leather (or other color) - 20 x 5 cm.
• Braided cord.
• Needle and thread.
• Wooden bead (for closing).
• Scissors
• Pen
• A ruler


1. Measure the piece of leather and cut it according to the size of the chosen rattan dish. Make a needle on each side of the piece of leather with a needle and thread.


2. Sew along the piece of leather with one of the rattan trivets. Continue until the entire piece of leather is sewn.

3. Place the second mat on the leather and sew in the same way.

bag-in-straw-round leather

4. Measure two strips of braided cord to the desired purse strap length. Sew each end to the bag to create solid straps.


5. Stitch the bead up on one side with a needle and thread or with a piece of braided cord.
6. Take another piece of braided rope and make a loop that is long enough to extend from one side of the bag to the other. Sew the ends of the loop on the trivet.


And here you can go and have fun!

2. Bag in straw: Change your old boring bag

bag-in-straw tools

We hope there will be some nice parties on the beach, so we will have to be fully prepared to look cute. You will need a towel, the perfect summer bikini, gadgets and games, and, of course, a cooler. Take your sunglasses and sunscreen, then throw everything in your favorite bag. But what if you just have a boring old bag? Do not worry, just collect your brushes, follow this easy tutorial and get ready to be the coolest person on the sand this summer!


You need to:

• an old straw bag
• pompom ribbon
• acrylic paint
• paint brushes
• tape
• hot glue gun + glue


1. Take your old bag and place tape on top, leaving a few inches exposed, as shown below.


2. Use acrylic paint to create a mark on the band every 10 cm. This will help you create regular triangles. Then start painting the first form. Use pink acrylic to create a mark on the band every five inches. This will help you create regular triangles. Then start painting the first shape, adding more triangles as shown in the picture above.

3. Continue adding triangles, as shown in the image below. We used pink, fuchsia, green and aqua, but you can certainly choose any color you prefer.

4. Wait a few minutes, remove the band and continue adding triangles until you are satisfied with your pattern. Repeat this step again and again until you are satisfied with your model.


5. Use the glue gun to glue the tassel ribbon in place. Your new bag is ready to go to the beach with you!

You got a modern version of the classic beach bag! It's now your favorite bag? You could customize the pattern and color to make yours and wear it with the greatest pleasure.

3. Straw bag: Neon


For this project it is better to find a straw bag right and low. This is exactly the bag that you can fill with fruits, vegetables and flowers on the Sunday afternoon market. The young neon color will give you a hot summer taste!

bag-in-straw-colored spray de

You need to:

• old straw bag (preferably straight and low)
• Yellow and white neon paint spray (nontoxic!)
• Tape
• Journal


1. Using an adhesive tape, draw a straight line about 20 cm down the bag. Below this line the bag will be painted with yellow spray (or other color).

bag-in-straw-adhesive tape

2. Go around the entire bag with the tape making sure it sticks well. Keep a very straight line.

3. Using tape, attach newspaper to the other side of the bag to protect it from paint.


4. In a well-ventilated area, turn the bag over and spray with paint. You can first use a light coat of white paint so that the yellow appears better when you apply it. The trick with spray painting is to apply a number of light layers instead of just one. This way, you will not have drops and the color will be beautiful and smooth.


5. Let dry overnight. Finish the bag with pompoms or acorns of your choice. You can choose the same color or a different color according to your taste.


Another option with more colors:


4. Straw bag: Red fruits bag-in-straw-cutters

Red fruits and straw! These are two favorite summer motifs. There are applications of beautiful fruits on the market. Combining them with your old straw bag hidden in the closet for some time is more than trendy. Everyone is currently obsessed with traditional Portuguese reed bags, each woven on a hand loom by hand-crafted and extremely durable weavers. We like the wicker handles and the fact that there is no closure to the bag - handy for the summer, is not it? Red colors are a super chic tandem right now! For this particular project, we will opt for a simple version with a unique touch of red fruits!


You will need:

• 35 - 40 embroidered fruit and vegetable appliques (such as cherries, strawberries, bananas, apples, carrots, corn and tiny flowers).
• old straw bag
• E6000 glue
• toothpicks
• needle and thread (optional)

bag-in-straw strawberry-cherry


1. Start by choosing an assortment of applications you want to use for your bag. It is better to arrange the applications on the bag before gluing them.


2. Squeeze a large spoonful of glue onto a small piece of paper. You can use a small piece of waxed paper so that the glue remains sticky and does not penetrate your work surface. Use the tip of a toothpick to apply glue on the back of each application. It's good to go a little heavy on the glue here.

bag-in-straw-cherry with adhesive

3. Gently place the application on the bag. Press and hold for a few seconds. Apply the rest of the applications to one side of the bag and let it dry for at least 2-3 hours before working on the other side.

bag-in-straw cherry bag-in-straw-fruit-red-to-the-beach

5. Straw bag: With pompons


We love pompoms and we would like to have a fun tassel bag for the summer. But it is not always easy to find the one that suits us on a suitable price. At the end of the day, to go out with her friends, some of these bags are really cute! Yet we do not want to spend more than 100 EUR for a bag made of straw and pompoms...


There is a solution! You can make the own tassel bag. It's not really hard work... it's just a glue project. Everyone can do it. Sometimes, the hardest part of a"DIY"is finding the right supplies... in our case, it's a bit difficult to find the perfect pompons (they must be big enough!!!) Once you have them found, the work is more than fun... It's really fair to determine which colors go well together and stick them on the bag!

You need to:

• an old straw bag

• glue (the strongest possible)

• pompons of different colors (look below for instructions)


1. Start by exposing all your pompoms to decide which colors seem best together. From there, apply a large drop of glue on a tassel and press it on the bag.

bag-in-straw-orange pompom

2. Press firmly for 10 to 20 seconds, then repeat.

bag-in-straw-paste the tassel

3. It is better to work in stages. You can apply all the pom-poms on one side then let dry about 2-3 hours. Then you can stick the pompoms on the other side and also let it dry before you start wearing your brand new bag!

bag-in-with-straw tassels

Warning: Do not try to sew the pompoms on the bag! The braided leaves of the bag are not made to be stitched with needles. Do not use fabric glue, which is too slippery on the straw. A hot glue gun could work but the results are less permanent.

Create pompoms with your fingers

If you have trouble finding the perfect tassel for your straw bag, see how you can create it yourself. You can choose the size: small, medium or large and its color! This tutorial shows how to make a pompom using only your fingers, a woolen thread and a pair of scissors. It's cheap, fast and easy.

• For a small pompon, use only two fingers: your index and your middle finger. Place the thread between these two fingers.

• For a medium pompom, use your pointer, middle finger and ring finger. Place the thread between the pointer and the middle finger.

• For a large pompom, use the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. Place the woolen thread between the middle finger and the ring finger.

Medium size pompon for straw bag: Instructions

1. Cut about 20 cm of the woolen thread and place it between your index finger and middle finger.

pompoms for-dead-in-straw

2. Get the end of your skein and pinch it between your thumb and your index finger. Do not let go until you have wrapped it several times.


3. Wrap the thread around your three fingers 50 times, being careful not to cover the stuck part completely between your fingers.


4. Once you have wrapped it about 50 times, cut the thread. Take both ends of the small piece, pulling them around the curled part as shown in the picture. Center it as much as possible between your index finger and your ring finger.

pompons-cut and with scissors tassel-cut-les-ends 5. Insert your scissors into the loops and start cutting section by section. Continue to the next section, insert your scissors into the loops and cut again. Repeat along the opposite side of the pompom with the remaining loops. pompons-cut little by little pompon-in-bag-in-straw

6. Use your scissors and make small cuts to complete your pompom. Remember that it is better to cut too little and cut again, while cutting too much and having an unbalanced pom-pom.

tassel cut-to-bag-in-hand

7. Once you are satisfied with the shape of your pompom, you can stick it on your straw bag.


Have fun!