Combine well the food to lose weight and get back in shape this summer!

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Did you know that combining foods well in one's slimming diet is it a way to increase its effectiveness? In fact, some associations of diet to lose weight are more effective than others.

This is the case, for example, for salmon meat and avocado or for figs and Brazil nuts.

13 associations food to lose weight faster and more effectively

Below, we offer a series of 13 food associations to lose weight. Take the opportunity to make your diet healthier and get fit faster!

Oatmeal and peanut butter


Oats are an extremely healthy cereal. There are several reasons why it is part of the typical champions' breakfast. For starters, it does not contain glutens. This makes it an ideal product for those who do not tolerate this ingredient. It will seduce, at the same time, those who try to lose weight while varying their menu. The cereal is an important source of good health.

To add to that, oatmeal can help you lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In addition, it stimulates intestinal bacteria and increases the feeling of satiety.

As for peanut butter, incredible as it may seem, it's an excellent source of plant-based protein. This type of butter, which is among the favorite of Americans, is characterized, at the same time, by its low carbohydrate content. It is an excellent source of fat. All of this makes it a suitable product for people with type 2 diabetes.

Carrots and tahini

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When it comes to choosing a food to lose weight, vegetables are always a good idea. You can increase the effectiveness of your vegetable-based diet by focusing on a good combination of products, such as carrots and tahini.

Carrots are considered incredibly healthy foods. They contain about 10% of carbohydrates, fiber and sugars. In addition, their glycemic index is very low. This orange vegetable contains several vitamins. You may not know it but carrots will help you feel full. They will also help you reduce your calorie intake in everyday life.

As far as tahini is concerned, it is good to know that it contains a very large variety of vitamins and minerals. The specific substance, which can be made from several kinds of cereals, has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in vegetable protein, tahini is an ideal dietary supplement for vegans and vegetarians.

Spinach, apples and ginger

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Do you like to eat a lot of salads to supplement your slimming diet? So this idea of ​​a combination of food for weight loss will certainly please you! It involves combining spinach, apples and ginger. Here is why this trio is a good idea of ​​food for weight loss.

Spinach is part of the family of high fiber vegetables. In fact, they contain large amounts of vitamins but also folic acid, iron and calcium. To add to this, note that these vegetables help regulate blood pressure.

Everyone knows the health benefits of apples! It is not by chance that many people recommend eating an apple a day to get fit. It is one of the most popular fruits for slimming diet and diet food. Apples contain 85% water. They have low energy density and low caloric content. On the other hand, they are extremely rich in fiber. Like carrots, they increase the feeling of fullness and thus reduce appetite. Eating apples is good for heart health and can help you reduce the risk of cancer!

Finally, ginger is known for its very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Figs and Brazil nuts

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What diet food to eat at dessert? Fruits, like figs, are a very good option. Here is a combination idea that will make your slimming diet even more effective: fig and Brazil nuts.

Figs are exotic fruits. They are known for their low calorie intake. In addition, figs do not contain fats. Excellent news for those who are looking for snacks and sweet desserts that help to lose weight! Figs contain fibers that act naturally against constipation. Like many foods in our slimming list, these fruits also provide a feeling of satiety. They are also appreciated for their antioxidant properties.

When it comes to Brazil nuts, remember that they have fiber that lowers cholesterol levels. The cereal is a good source of fat. It also increases the immune function of the body and accelerates its metabolism.

Pineapple and lime juice

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This is another idea for a combination of weight loss food that's ideal for summer days: pineapple and lime juice. In addition to being good for your health, it also brings a lot of freshness to the body.

In addition to being delicious, pineapple is another fruit low in calories and rich in water. It contains a lot of fiber, which facilitates metabolism and stimulates digestion.

Lime, meanwhile, is a popular product for those who want to eat healthy and protect their immune system. The citric acid produced by the lime helps burn fat faster and more efficiently. Lemon juice speeds up the work of the digestive system and, as a result, the loss of weight.

Eggs and avocado


The combination of eggs and avocado is a great way to add more ingredients to your slimming diet. You can choose to eat this duet in breakfast or lunch. Here's why combining eggs with avocado will make your slimming diet even more effective.

Everyone knows, eggs contain a lot of important proteins. For this reason, eggs are food to be favored by those who wish to lose weight. In fact, they are an ingredient not to be underestimated if you want to increase your caloric intake without eating a lot!

In recent times, avocado is part of slimming recipes, it is a diet for weight loss par excellence. And for good reason, because it contains many elements good for health!

Salmon and avocado


How to combine diet pills in your main meal? Fish, such as salmon, associated with avocado are one option among others. The fish is also an excellent choice for the spring and summer season, that is to say the period during which many people decide to get fit before going on vacation!

Salmon is the perfect choice for those who want to lose weight. This fish will allow you to better control your appetite. In addition, there are many healthy ways to consume it, starting with grilling to finish with sushi. Together with avocado, salmon speeds up the metabolism. The duo thus facilitates weight loss.

Olives and tomatoes


To eat olives and tomatoes together, here is an association of food for weight loss which is at the center of the famous Mediterranean diet . Now, as we have seen just recently, it's one of the best diets! The properties of tomatoes and olives help us understand why.

Olives are an important source of fiber. To give you an idea, know that olives are able to provide you with nearly 20% of daily fiber needs!

Regarding tomatoes, it should be noted that they contain a large amount of antioxidants very effective in the fight against the risk of cancer. They also contain a lot of vitamin A, potassium and iron. That's why fresh tomatoes are very good for your health and help you lose weight more efficiently. Combine them with olives for an even more visible effect!

Watermelon and balsamic vinegar

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If you follow trends in culinary art, you've probably found that the combination of watermelon and balsamic vinegar has been in vogue in recent times. It turns out that the popularity of this combination can also help you lose weight!

Why combine a diet to lose weight like watermelon with balsamic vinegar? Watermelon has many strengths from the point of view of a balanced diet. It is considered that it can help us fight a lot of various diseases. Which is even more interesting, a watermelon contains about 92% water. It is a fruit rich in vitamin C and vitamin A.

Balsamic vinegar, on the other hand, has a high antioxidant content. For this reason, it is a very beneficial ingredient for health. It is also a good condiment for the circulation of blood. In short, balsamic vinegar is a very nice alternative gourmet product for those looking to lose weight quickly.

Bananas and spinach

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Bananas and spinach may seem like a rather extravagant combination. That does not prevent that it is an idea of ​​association of food to lose weight. To be convinced, it would be enough to try. You could do it, for example, in the shape of a smoothie. Here are some explanations on why bananas combined with spinach are a very effective duo.

Bananas are a popular product for those on a slimming diet. These fruits help to reduce the feeling of hunger and reduce obesity. In addition, they have the ability to relieve stomach upset. In Africa, they are also known as an effective product against constipation. They are considered beneficial for many diseases and disorders of health. This type of fruit contains no fat, each contains about 90 calories.

The proteins in spinach help grow and develop muscles. These vegetables increase the body's ability to heal bruises and stimulate metabolism.

Honey and lemon juice

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Honey and lemon juice are the latest combination of weight loss in our record today. With her, you get an idea of ​​a cool drink for the summer days: homemade lemonade. Moreover, know that the classic lemon has properties similar to those of the lime of which we spoke above. As for honey, this natural and sweet product is considered by many to be an ingredient that can boost the immune system and is rich in vitamins and fiber!

Chicken and Cayenne pepper

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After the fish, chicken is one of the most popular meats among sportsmen. Chicken is also a diet food that is on the menu of many stars and stars in Europe and the United States. Add to this type of cayenne pepper for an optimal result!

As we know, protein-rich foods are very effective in the fight against weight and against obesity. Chicken is one of the main foods of this type. Cayenne pepper, meanwhile, is rich in ingredients capable of controlling appetite. This pepper can also help you increase the speed at which your body burns calories.

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