Cheap garden furniture to make yourself: selection of some creative and inspiring DIY projects

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The best way to find cheap garden furniture and make it yourself. Today, we present you some creative and inspiring DIY projects not to be missed.

Scroll down, discover all our ideas and give your garden, terrace or balcony unique garden furniture!

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Cheap garden furniture to make yourself: selection of some creative and inspiring DIY projects

Spring already arrived, we want to spend more time outdoors in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. But to make the most of it, it is necessary to arrange your outdoor space with taste and privilege functionality. We have already dedicated several publications about how one can make one's own garden furniture. Indeed this theme can be approached really to infinity. There are so many ideas and options. In the following lines, we tried to offer you some new suggestions.

cheap garden furniture diy ideas

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It does not matter if you are an experienced handyman or not, there are DIY projects that are really easy to do. Nowadays, there are all kinds of video tutorials online. One of the most common DIY garden furniture ideas are those made with pallets. It is also possible to use old furniture, car tires, logs and many other things. If you have a garden, you probably have a garage. And if you have a garage, you probably have old furniture that is dusty and you do not know what to do with it. In short, be creative and you will see that making your own garden furniture is not difficult.

cheap garden furniture pallet wood coffee table tires cushions

Do you have old car tires in your garage? Do not put them in the trash, reuse them to make a garden furniture cheap and super original.

Do you have old tires in your garage and you intend to put them in the trash? Wait! They can serve you to make beautiful garden chairs, poufs or a small coffee table.


There is a significant consumption of tires in the world The damage that it causes and its impact on the planet are significant. Recycling them is wise and respectful of the environment. You can not build a whole house in tires, but there are many DIY projects to create modern and practical furniture and decoration items from salvaged objects. The shape of the tires makes them easy to handle and ideal for making cheap and trendy garden furniture.


Make a cheap and ecological garden furniture with tires

What an original garden furniture, right? It is very easy to manufacture these two chairs and this small garden table from car tires. The number of these depends on your desires. It is quite possible not to put back and make the coffee table with two tires instead of three. Finally, you can vary the number of tires used as you wish. It is also possible to paint them if wanted. The choice is yours!

garden furniture cheap diy tire garden furniture

These poufs made of two car tires are really easy to manufacture. For an original decorative touch, consider painting them in different colors. Place outdoor cushions in the middle for more comfort.

tire-garden-furniture-idea-recup ottoman

Another model of cheap garden furniture made of different tires. You do not have to paint them as you see and instead of outdoor cushion, it is possible to use the solid rope.


The arms are optional, but it is sure that the comfort will be much greater if you have it. To make them, you can use anything that seems appropriate.


And another garden table idea made from two old tires and glass top:


Make a rope pouf from an old tire

Do you like the pouf on the picture below? Well, you'll be amazed that it was made from an old car tire! Indeed, we have already dedicated a publication about how to make a rope pouf from an old tire . All you need to make this rope pouf is rope, glue and patience.

furniture garden-not-dear-make-it-yourself

For the realization of this project, you will need about an hour. The material needed for its creation is: an old tire, a screwdriver, glue, a pencil, one or two wooden planks (plywood) and rope. flaunt your pouf with one or two plywoods. For a good stool, it is advisable to install two plywoods. Indeed, the plywoods are optional and can be replaced by another material, nylon rope for example. To know the rest of the steps of its realization, we invite you to consult our publication .

coffee-table-garden-diy ideas

And if you want to turn your ottoman into a coffee table, just install feet. What a nice little table, no? Your guests will be really pleasantly surprised when you tell them that it was made from an old tire.

garden furniture cheap idea diy coffee table ottoman

Pallets: our best friends to make cheap garden furniture

Ah, the wooden pallets... So practical and very easy to find everywhere, they are probably the stars of our modern interiors and exteriors. You can use to make a coffee table, a sofa, an armchair, a swing, a bed, a planter and many others. Their shape makes them easy to really integrate everywhere. To make a garden sofa like the one pictured below, you do not even need to disassemble them.

pallet-wood-furniture-sofa garden-not-dear

It is quite possible to realize a garden living room only with wooden pallets. As we already mentioned before, the shape of the pallets is so practical that it allows the realization of any kind of DIY project: table, chair, armchair, sofa, bed, planter and many others. Below, a really cheap garden furniture, entirely made with wooden pallets and very trendy:


For easy movement, consider putting wheels on your coffee table or sofa in wooden pallets. Once the beautiful days are over and autumn arrives, you can put them in your garage, install them in your living room or elsewhere.


Here is another garden furniture entirely made with wooden pallets. Please? The small coffee table also has a practical storage space.

chair garden-diy pallet wood

With a simple palette of wood, you can do so much! Not only is it easy to use, but its reuse is very environmentally friendly. Taking care of the environment is very important nowadays.

table-wood-pallet diy

Heart stroke! A small coffee table made with a single palette and with space to place a planter. Good game! This table can be installed outside as well as inside your living space. For easy movement, consider putting wheels.


Coup de heart : making a coffee table from a log

There is nothing more natural than arranging your garden or terrace exterior with wooden furniture. The pallets are perfect for this and allow the realization of cheap garden furniture and natural look. But... We have another idea that will be even more natural: make your garden furniture with logs! Simple and pretty, you do not even need tools for this. The log can also have a dual function. It can play the role of coffee table, but also sitting. Just have an outdoor cushion to achieve this transformation.


The coffee table made from a log is not only reserved for outdoor space. It fits ideally also indoors, in your living room, entrance or elsewhere. It's very warm and rustic, do not you think?


The barrel is perfect for making vintage and original garden furniture.

We are not all lucky enough to have a cellar and barrels at home, but if by chance you have one, do not throw it away. It can be used to make cheap garden furniture in rustic style. Indeed, there are different ways to recover a barrel. It can be used as a table, armchair, umbrella stand, mini-bar, flower box, storage unit and even cradle. If you have several, it is possible to make a whole garden furniture from barrels.


Old suitcases or chests? Do not throw them away, turn them into sofa, garden table, garden bed...

The old suitcases have a charm to the old very attractive eye. Even if you are a big fan in vintage fashion, you have to admit that they are impractical to use today. It is still a pity to put them in the trash... But what to do with then? Well, you can use it to make original retro furniture for outdoor or home interiors. Armchair, coffee table, storage cabinet, bed for cat or dog... The possibilities are very numerous. It is quite possible to use your old suitcase to make a garden table or cheap garden chair.

cheap garden furniture reclaimed suitcase

What an impressive vintage table, no? An old suitcase installed on the feet of an old sewing machine. The result: a vintage table that can never go unnoticed. The big plus: you will also have extra storage space. Really very well played!

cheap garden furniture reclaimed suitcase 1

Three idea of ​​recovery of old suitcases: cat bed, entrance table and shelves.

cheap garden furniture reclaimed suitcase 2 A retro armchair very nice! cheap garden furniture reclaimed suitcase 3

Add a vintage touch and trend to your living room, by installing a coffee table made from an old chest.

Safety coffee table-furniture-garden-not-dear

Do you like industrial style? So, you will probably appreciate this idea of ​​a garden bench to make yourself.

concrete bench garden-making-it-yourself

Convert a coil of electric wire into a decorative piece of furniture

If you were lucky enough to have a spool of electric wire, do not get rid of it! Its shape is so practical that it can serve you in many ways. You can turn it into a table, armchair, umbrella stand, bar, furniture for storing flower pots and more. The simplest is to use it as a garden table and use the hole in the middle to place a flower pot or a bottle of wine.


And here is a big coil of electric wire transformed into a rustic garden table:


And still some ideas of cheap garden furniture...

table-garden idea-outside-pallet-wood

You can use any kind of wood and recycled wood board to make cheap garden furniture.

bench garden-diy-wood-furniture-garden-not-dear

We love the tables with integrated planters like the one in the photo below.


Below, wooden pallets disassembled and transformed into garden sofa and storage unit:

furniture garden-no-price-range

To make this little table, you will need tools and patience. It's not quite a DIY project for beginners, but you can still try it.

coffee-table-garden make-it-yourself

We love the rustic and aged side of the wooden pallet coffee table with wheels below. And you?


And another garden coffee table made from a wooden pallet painted white and with wheels:


What a pretty garden chair, right? To make it you will need at least a day.

chair garden-furniture-garden-not-dear-diy-idee As you can see, there are many DIY projects. Which one to choose depends on what you have on hand and what you want. Any object can be transformed and reused. Let your imagination speak and make right now your cheap, unique garden furniture adapted to your needs! garden furniture cheap idea diy recycle

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