Bob: more than 20 ideas in inspiring images for a trendy haircut

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The bob cut is one of the biggest trends in the season. Short, long or plunging, the square cut goes to all face shapes. It is also very easy to maintain and ideal for hot spring and summer days.

In the following lines, we'll give you some useful tips on how to choose your haircut and we'll show you a selection of squaring ideas in pictures. Scroll down and find out which square cut model you like the most!

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The square cut goes to all face shapes.

And yes, the square cut is universal. It does not matter if you have an oval, rectangle, diamond or heart shaped face, the square cut goes to all face shapes. Indeed, the cuts that go to everyone are quite rare. There are several styles of square cut: without or with fringe, short or long, symmetrical or asymmetrical, plunging or straight. Which one to choose depends on your desires and the texture of your hair. The bangs are very cute, but beware - it does not necessarily go to all face shapes. If you have a broad forehead, the bangs are made for you. On the other hand, if you have a small forehead, it is better to avoid it. We advise you to always ask your hair stylist for advice.

bob hairstyle woman hairstyle trend

The cut squared is very French.

When we think of the square cut, we always remember classic French films. Indeed, this cup leads its origins of French cinema and more specifically of the French actress Polaire. Later this style of cut was also popularized by American actresses Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore. Considered a short cut, the bob cut is something revolutionary in itself. For a long time, women and men wore their long hair. A woman with a short haircut in the 1900s, it really made an impression!

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The cup in the bowl, just like the square cut, are associated with the emancipation of women. We all know the famous revolutionary Joan of Arc and her bowl bowl eponymous. Joan of Arc is an inspiring person who started the emancipation not only of women, but also of society. The haircut is a story...

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What color for my bob?

Our regular readers know very well - we prefer everything that is natural and relaxed. This is also the color trend of the season. Instead of choosing a hair color completely different from our natural color, we try to highlight its natural beauty. Indeed, we have a whole unique hair color. Sweeping, shaded hair or dark hair - these coloring techniques help to highlight and shine your natural hair color. Platinum blond is very trendy, but if you have dark hair, it is not recommended. Finally, any too radical staining is usually aggressive for the hair. Our tip: emphasize your natural hair color!

bobbing woman hair idea coloring The bob is also very cute and has a rejuvenating effect.

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Choose your haircut according to the morphology of his face .

The morpho-hairstyle is a very recent term that allows you to choose your new haircut depending on the shape of your face. We are not all the same and here is why we must find what is done for us. You know very well that it is not always easy to find what you are looking for, but if you really want and patience, you will get there. Try the free virtual hairstyle and makeover apps and test the different hairstyles. A real facelist service totally free and really very useful!

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Curly hair, straight hair, fine or voluminous hair - the cut squares really goes to all hair textures without exception!

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An irresistible squeaky and smokey eye makeup - class!


The dipping square is very chic and retro at a time. Do you like this square cut model?

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For a long time, it was believed that the short haircut is not feminine. Indeed, it's totally wrong. The short cut woman allows to highlight the features of his face, highlight his eyes and reveal the neck. The latter is considered by the Japanese one of the most feminine body parts.

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Do you hesitate for a short haircut?

If you are hesitating for a woman's short haircut, the square cut is an ideal transition step. Too radical changes are sometimes a good idea, sometimes a necessity. For the hair, it is better to go slowly. Having long or very long hair and cutting it all at once is not recommended for one reason only: it is quite possible that you will regret it afterwards. Go step by step and cut your hair little by little. Finally, if you had long hair, their maintenance probably took you a lot of time. It will be a pity to cut them off abruptly. Respect and love your hair!

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To have beautiful hair, you have to take care of it every day.

Many women (and men too) believe that buying expensive cosmetics guarantees beautiful, healthy hair. Yes, there are miraculous products on the market, but we must not forget that beauty comes from within. To have a beautiful hair, eating healthy and balanced is very important. Vary your menu, eat enough vegetables and fruits, and food products containing vitamin E and you'll immediately feel the difference. You'll have beautiful hair, soft skin and pretty nails.

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Dare to assume your personal style.

Trends come and go. The fashion of the 70's is back again today. There are simply timeless fashion trends. Instead of trying to look like a star, dare to assume your personal style, choose the cut and color that you like, like your body, your look and never forget - you are beautiful and unique!

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