Board Games for Kids: What does your child play at home for fun?

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Children's board games are games that never get wrinkled even if habits change and the world becomes individualized. This type of activity, board games, offers the opportunity to meet up with many, between friends or family, and laugh and enjoy playing.

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For children, it's a wonderful opportunity to defend what is hers while keeping a team spirit, complicity and sharing. So board games are good for them and for everyone.

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Board Games: a moment of sharing and complicity even with his opponents

Card games develop different skills. The child has the opportunity to develop and express his abilities of address, strategy, concentration, observation, analysis, memorization, imagination, etc.

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The board games allow him to discover and adopt the rules of social life. It means that he will learn to share, listen, wait, respect, understand, but also that he will know manage emotions .

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Board games that will make you want to play more: Time's up Kids (from 4 years)

It is a card game for at least two children and more than ten children at most. The game contains an hourglass, a rule of the game, a bag and 220 illustrated cards. No need to know how to read to play so. The goal is to guess a maximum of objects, crafts, animals in a limited time. These objects, crafts or animals must be described or mimicked. This game is funny and dynamic. It allows to work the imagination, the concentration, the speed, the ability to go quickly to the essential.

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Since the cards are illustrated, it is possible to play with very small children but it is necessary to adapt the rules of the game for them.

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Board games that work the observation and memorizing abilities: Dobble Kids (from 4 years old)

This cult game is played between 2 and 5 players. The rules of the game are very simple. We spread the cards on the ground hiding the symbols that are represented on them and we try to find the identical symbols faster than his opponents.

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It's captivating from the beginning because you have to concentrate and act quickly. This game offers mini complementary games with less illustrations perfect for the smallest because adapted to their reflexes.

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Games of companies that work your logic: Who is it? (from 6 years old)

It is a game of deduction that can be played to two. We must find before his opponent who hides behind the mystery card by asking questions. We close the card when the player has guessed who it is. The new edition of the game includes a new support to fix and removable cards.

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Games of companies which make discover the pleasure of the cooperative work: My First Orchard (from 2 years)

The range"My first..."allows toddlers to discover the pleasure of board games. The players (those who harvest and a raven) compete for the fruits. It's a game working speed. He is very dynamic and laughs a lot.

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It is a color game that gives children the opportunity to discover colors by manipulating the pieces. Four players can play simultaneously. The game contains the rules of the game, 1 raven, 16 fruits, a basket of fruits and a dice.

The other versions will make you discover the pleasure of gardening, of working your vegetable garden, etc.

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Games of companies that work your brain: Power 4 (from 6 years)

It is an addictive game that is played at 2. It must align four pawns horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game. We all know the version Power 3 where we try to align circles or X in a square drawn by hand on a sheet or in the street with a chalk.

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The game can interest people of all ages.

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Laughing games: Twister (from 6 years)

This game really makes a lot of laughs. It brings together big and small on a carpet dotted with pellets of colors. Each turn, each player triggers a roulette which tells him on what lozenge he must position his feet and his hands.

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When all players are already on the mat, they must try to keep the balance. Whoever puts one knee on the ground or one elbow on the ground loses the game. What is at stake is the agility and speed of the players. The more we are on the carpet, the more funny it is.

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Fun Games: Unicorns in the clouds (from 3 years old)

Two to four players advance their unicorns by the number of clouds indicated by the blue dice they each cast. When the unicorn reaches a pink cloud, the player who made it advance on the latter, having thrown the pink dice, retrieves the crystals to the number indicated on the pink cloud. If the unicorn comes to rest on another cloud offering gifts, the player may offer a crystal to the player of choice to allow his unicorn to continue. The first player to reach the finish cloud wins four crystals. The winner is the one who has collected the most crystals.

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On the back of the board on which the game is played, there are drawings of white crystals for children who do not know how to count. By storing the collected crystals on these drawings, the children will see how many more crystals they need to have the maximum.

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Games of companies that dirty but laugh: Pie Face Super Duel (from 5 years)

Two players compete with cream in their hands. They place their heads in the frames provided for this purpose and begin to press a button as quickly as possible.

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He who does slower than the other, receives the cream pie on his face, the other is spared. Both are laughing, guaranteed!

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Games of companies that work your logic: Jungle Speed ​​(from 6 years old without age limit)

It's a card game. Two to 10 players return cards from one card cluster one after the other. As soon as two identical cards are returned, a duel is organized.

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The duel consists of catching the totem (or plug) placed at equal distance from the players first. Whoever catches it, can get rid of his cards by giving them to his opponent. The winner is the one who gets rid of all his cards. There are 80 in total.

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Entertaining company games: Uno (from 6 years old without age limit)

It's still a card game. Several players can participate. There is a pile of cards left on the table and a card returned. Each player who has in his hands 5 cards previously distributed must cover the card returned to the table with one of his own. This must contain the same color or the same symbol. When the returned card is 5, the player to whom the turn must retrieve 5 cards from the stack.

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If the card returned is 2 or 3, the player can cover with 2 or 3, if he does not have such a card, he draws two or three cards from the pile. Whoever has only one card must shout Uno. In case of forgetfulness, whoever of the other players can shout Stop and the person in question will have to draw 25 new cards of the cluster. The winner in first place is the one who has no more cards. The winner in second position is the one who gets rid of the second, and so on.

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Board games that make you act together: Pandemic (from 12 years)

Instead of being against each other, the players unite in the name of the common goal: beat the game board. Players fight against all the diseases that can gangrenon the five continents. We must therefore think collectively in order to eradicate the pandemic before it spreads everywhere. Also, we must act quickly!

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Board games that teach you how to handle: The Wolf-Garoux de Thiercelieux (from 10 years)

Villagers have to guess who came to kill one of them during the night. To make the game even more interesting, you have to play a lot. Adults are welcome too. Laughs, pecks, signs, screams, bad faith, everything is there for one to be pissed off who did it.

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Board games that keep you busy for hours while allowing you to dream about becoming a real business man: Monoply (from 6 years old)

The game of Monopoly is unavoidable. It all depends on the city chosen in the Monopoly game. You can buy properties in London, Paris, Athens, etc. It's important to learn how to buy and sell real estate in this game to not think that in real life it's so much more complicated than in real life.

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Today, Monopoly offers alternative games for the big fans of Walking Dead or Game of Thrones but do not forget that this game is a classic, so do not mix the different realities too much!

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Board games for lovers of military strategy: Diplomacy (from 8/10 years in VF or from 12 years in English version)

It's a game that teaches negotiation, military moves, war strategies. Parts of the game can take a long time, so book it for those days when it's not sunny outside.

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Fantastic society games: Dixit (from 8 years old)

It's a card game with enchanting drawings. What you do is tell your own dreams via cards with unusual illustrations. If you like to dream or tell while laughing and using lots of metaphors, then this game is yours! You must explain your card to other players and make it guess. To do this, it must be defined by a single word, by a single sound, sometimes by a sentence or by an onomatopoeia. You will work your imagination and you will think to be able to do it. This makes the game a special dream experience!

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Board games that show you what it's like to own a hotel and how to manage a budget: Deluxe Hotel (from 8 years old)

In the 90s, the game was called Hotel.

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Today, the renewed version may please you more. It best meets the world in which we live. Hotels are more like today's hotels. The owners of the resorts in the game are real tycoons who risk being ruined at any time.

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The goal of the game is to be part of the last two hotel magnates that can hardly ruin. By learning how to manage a budget well, we come to have fun sincerely.

Board Games math version: Rummikub & Scrabble

Scrabble is an iconic game that dates back a long time. It exists in many countries in as many languages. To compose words, one uses the letters taken by lot. Addictive because intelligent, this game is excellent entertainment side while making you think.

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Rummikub is the mathematical version of the game of Scrabble. You are expected to get rid of tiles by composing the best sequence of numbers. This sequence of numbers that you compose answers a definite objective.

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There may be some people who have little math, but this game will allow you to see that math is fun. Learn to play it and maths will never scare you! The board games that work your minds and maths are very useful!

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