Black faucet and dark color accessories for the bathroom

black faucet wall-bathroom-marble siding

In one of our recent publications , we evoked a touch of trendy decoration for the bathroom: the accessories in black color. Among them are the black faucet, the shower, the fixtures and the mirrors of this color.

Want to know more about this trend and how to use these trendy accessories for your bathroom design? So you fell in the right place. In the lines that follow, we explore some interesting examples of bathroom deco with black faucet and suggest ways to take ownership of this decorative detail.

Black faucet and accessories in dark tones for bathroom: how to appropriate this trend?

At Designmag, we've talked a lot about black color and how to use it to personalize your interior design. Used in a measured way, this color can contribute to the enhancement of a certain number of elements of the decoration. It is also a simple and effective way to get a graphic style atmosphere in a space such as the bathroom, the toilet or the bedroom. Below, we take stock of the best approaches to bathroom deco with black faucet and accessories in this color.

The black faucet is inviting in the Nordic bathroom


Among the trends in bathroom deco for this year, there is that of Scandinavian design. The Nordic atmosphere, simple, bright and customizable at will, continues to attract many decorators around the world. And that's good! Because the black faucet is an excellent complement for a Scandinavian bathroom.

Black shower-bath-bathroom-design-Scandinavian

As we know, the Nordic decor is characterized by the use of two neutral colors par excellence: black and white. Scandinavian design bathrooms abound in white surfaces. These are sometimes combined with touches of gray and wood. In this context, you can bet without any hesitation on a black faucet or on a shower of this color.

black faucet bathroom-marble-deco

On the other hand, avoid doing too much with coatings of this color. Otherwise, you risk losing the bright and welcoming side of your Scandinavian design bathroom!

Shower and black faucet for bathroom decor with marble


The marble is a luxury surface. And it is among the most popular solutions in bathroom decorating trend currently. Marble surfaces are present on the walls and floor of this type of designer bathroom; but they are also found on the furniture, the work plan and several decorative objects.


And precisely, marble is a material that combines very well with bathroom accessories in dark tones, like the black faucet. The fact is easy to understand when we think of the two typical colors of marbled surfaces: white and gray.


No wonder then that marble bathroom lovers often opt for a black designer faucet!

Designer bathroom taps in black with basin with stone


One of the strong points of the black color is that it combines easily with all other shades and materials. This principle also applies to black faucets, showers and other accessories of this color. One of the most beautiful combinations, in our eyes, is the one made around the black faucet and the bathroom stone basin.


This type of combination of materials and color is very elegant. In principle, it is suitable for all styles of bathroom decor. Simply, find the right kind of stone and design for his tap. These are to harmonize with the style sought in the decoration of the room.

black faucet design-bathroom-basin-stone

For example, for a modern interior, think of glossy finishes and clean design. For the rustic style, you can bet on rough surfaces and a modern or vintage design, according to your wishes.

Black faucet of character to complement his vintage bathroom decor

en-suite bathroom-faucet-trend-design-black

Regarding decorating styles, know that the black faucet and the shower of this color are now available in several different models. These include modern designs or retro-inspired designs.


As you can guess, retro design faucet models are characterized by more ornamentation and more detail. This type of accessory is designed to attract the eye. In other words, it is designed to be a decorative accent. It is for this reason that it is perfect for small as for large bathrooms.


Accessory idea to complete your bathroom decor with black faucet: the black scale


Do you consider the idea of ​​bathroom deco with faucet design in black? So know that a touch of this color can often be insufficient for a really neat decor. Instead of just going for a shower or a black faucet, think about the possibilities of incorporating other elements of this color into your relaxation area.


The black scale is an excellent idea in this regard. Like the tap of this color, it will play the role of decoration accent. The result would be even more successful in an interior dominated by white.


The designer faucet in black in the bathroom industrial style

en-suite bathroom-design-industrial-modern-black-cock

In addition to the Scandinavian and rustic-inspired decor, the industrial style is another ideal setting for a black designer faucet. The rough surfaces are one of the typical elements of this style. And they harmonize very well with black paint!

black faucet wall-bathroom-industrial-bathroom

Among the paint colors often used in industrial interiors are the shades of blue. This one could serve you to decorate a wall in your bathroom. Think of a dark blue shade or lighter tone tile. Whichever solution you decide to favor, black design faucets will be a nice complement!

Accents that echo the shower and the black faucet: bathtub legs in dark tones

accessory-room-of-bath-tub-deco-foot black

To make your bathroom decor more balanced, you'll need touches of black that echo your designer faucet. One of the chic possibilities for this purpose is the designer bathtub with black legs.

small-bathtub-design-foot black-bath-tub

Best of all, this kind of clawfoot tub is currently available in a variety of sizes. So, we can afford one even in a bathroom limited surface!

Black bathroom faucet and wall mirror with frame of this color


Every modern bathroom has at least one wall mirror. It also often works as an element that gives more personality to the room. Suspended near the designer faucet, the mirror is, moreover, an object capable of reinforcing the presence of the black color in the space.

mirror-round bath-tub-faucet-color-black

A great idea, knowing that you will not need much effort to create such a bathroom decor set. In fact, you could limit yourself to the essentials. A black faucet and a mirror with a frame in the same color will be enough!

Trendy color combination for bathroom: black and metallic colors

black faucet deco-bathroom-vanity-cabinet-wood

To create your trendy bathroom decor, you can also bet on a trendy color combination. It is based on the use of black and metallic colors, such as gold.

black faucet bathroom-furniture-dark-mirror-dore

The two colors are at the origin of very nice contrasts in the bathroom. These will give you the opportunity to give this space a more chic and glam 'atmosphere.

Bathroom decor with shower and black faucet


You have decided to opt for a designer faucet in black for your bathroom sink? In this case, the most natural thing to do would be to adopt this same color also for your shower.

black faucet shower-design-marble-deco

In this part of your bathroom, try a black shower associated with tiles in light tones. You will enjoy a game of oppositions of classic colors. This is precisely the origin of the graphic atmosphere that we talked about a little earlier.

black faucet bathroom-deco-tile-color-dark

The designer faucet in black is associated with the metro tiles


The subway tile is the name of a specific type of tile that is typical of the interior of the underground railway of the city of London. That's what gave him his curious name; but its use is not limited solely to this territory. On the contrary, the metro tile is very popular in bathroom design.


Characterized by the white color and the black joints, these tiles highlight the designer faucet in dark tones. So that's another way to create a chic decor with black and white.

black faucet bathroom-industrial-design

Bathroom decoration with designer taps and black fixtures


Last suggestion of decoration for a trendy bathroom with black taps: lighting in dark tones. Use wall sconces or other similar solutions to emphasize the presence of the black color already present with your design faucets!

accessory-bath-tub-trend-color-black-gold lamp-wall-bath-tub-modern-color-black