Bathroom trend 2018 in 10 ideas to own now!

bathroom trend 2018 deco-key-metallic

What are the trends to follow in bathroom decorating? This is a question many people ask themselves if they want to renovate their apartment or build a new home.

2018 bathroom trend: 10 ideas for creating a truly unique and modern space for relaxation

This week, let's take a look at the decorating ideas that make the 2018 bathroom trend buzz. Explore them below to replicate ideas and beautify your interior space!

In the following, we report 10 interior design trends. The contents of this publication are:

  • Reclaimed furniture or DIY is the modern bathroom. How to appropriate this trend?
  • the Nordic atmosphere in the modern bathroom design: our ideas and tips to succeed the Scandinavian atmosphere;
  • the wall mirror as a modern bathroom decor accent. How to use it?
  • an accent wall mirror idea: models with wooden frame for a nature-minded interior.
  • the trendy bathroom decor with touches of metallic colors. Dare them!
  • the floor and wall coverings with vintage tiles are back. Some ideas of patterns and colors to consider;
  • the accent wall, a bathroom trend 2018 explained;
  • the marble surfaces in the bathroom. How to introduce a touch of luxury decoration in its relaxation area?
  • the bathroom 2018 trend coating comes from Italy, it is the so-called terrazzo technique. To know more, it's below!
  • the spa bathroom ambience, a trend that promises even more comfort and luxury in this room of the house. Scroll down to discover what characterizes this style of decor!

Which of these trends are most suited to your vision of a dream bathroom? To find the answer, browse the sections at the bottom!

Trend bathroom 2018: give yourself an original washbasin furniture or DIY

trend bathroom 2018 washbasin-original

The first bathroom trend 2018 that we are considering touches on an idea that is gaining more and more popularity around the world. This is the use of furniture recovered or homemade in the interior decoration. We know that this trend is already quite popular in terms of bedroom decor or living room.

trend bathroom 2018 furniture-recup-deco

Now she is starting to make a name for herself in the kitchen and in the bathroom too. If this trend tempts you, there are some principles you need to know to adopt it.

bathroom trend 2018 deco-color-metallisee

For example, be aware that recycled wood or DIY furniture should be treated with products such as yacht polish, which will allow you to protect the surface of this material from moisture in the bathroom.

bathroom trend 2018 diy-deco-original

To follow this bathroom trend 2018, the best would be to opt for furniture that will save you space. For this, you might even consider dismantling a piece of antique furniture to use one or more parts.

Bathroom trend 2018: the Scandinavian atmosphere is still topical

bathroom trend 2018 deco-scandinavian-sub-slope

Do you like Scandinavian style? In this case, we have good news for you: the Nordic atmosphere is still alive in the bathroom decor in 2018. The Nordic decor in the bathroom rhymes with a spa-like interior. Clean, modern and bright, the Scandinavian decor is ideal even for small spaces.

en-suite bathroom-faucet-design-color-black

You can opt for a Scandinavian decor throughout your bathroom or take a few details only. Black and white checkered tiles and black faucets are very good examples of such details.


The decor in white and wood is also a way to invite the Scandinavian spirit and follow this bathroom trend 2018.


Bathroom trend 2018: a wall mirror that serves as decoration accent

furniture vanity-suspended-trend-deco-bath-tub

Other bathroom trend 2018, decorative accents. Eh yes! This room of the house has, she also, needs some touches that catch the eye. What is the easiest and most accessible way to create a touch of accent in a small room, like the bathroom?

accessory-trend-bath-tub-mirror design

You guessed it, interesting furniture, of course! Of these, the mirror is an excellent choice. And this is easy enough to understand. Because, as we can see, the mirror is an object little greedy place. It can easily be hung on a wall or installed in a corner of the room.


We will have a chic and modern accent, following this 2018 bathroom trend that promises to stay!

A trendy bathroom accessory 2018, the wooden mirror


Especially for trendy mirrors, think of a wooden accessory for your modern bathroom. If you like modern deco, you have probably noticed the return of wood in the design of the interior. This warm material, which comes in many different shades, also pervades the modern bathroom design.


If you are redecorating your bathroom, you can easily introduce one or two touches of wood into this room through the mirror with wooden frame. It is combined in several design to associate more beautifully with current bathroom decor styles trend.


Do you prefer modern decor with minimalist inspiration? Opt for a mirror of classic geometric shape, such as round or rectangular. Do you want a touch of accent with more ornaments? So do not hesitate to select a mirror with wooden frame of Baroque style!

Trend 2018 bathroom: the accents of deco in metallic colors


In addition to the wooden surfaces, there is another bathroom trend 2018 that must be mentioned in terms of materials. It affects the use of metallic colors, such as copper, gold, brass and silver.


Interior design enthusiasts know this very well: metallic colors are one of the most important decorating trends of recent times. The metal keys are everywhere in modern interiors. These colors are even incorporated into party and wedding decorating ideas!


To follow this bathroom trend 2018, try to integrate some metallic touches into your interior space. Think, for example, a designer faucet in gold or copper shades. Or, bet on small tub-like foot accents or wall mirror frames in these shades!

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Trendy bathroom cover: the return of vintage tiles

bathroom trend 2018 design-scandinavian

This year, many of the trends in bathroom deco are inspired by the past. In addition to wooden surfaces and recycled furniture, you can now take inspiration from vintage interiors with regard to bathroom coverings.

small-furniture-bath-tub-hung vanity

So this is a bathroom 2018 deco idea for those who are completely redoing this room. Change some of your flooring or walls by choosing a vintage tile.


You have the freedom to choose between several types of vintage tiles. Some will prefer black and white checkered tiles that will be perfect for a Scandinavian style bathroom. Others may leave for a tiled floral or geometric. Finally, the keys of bold colors introduced using a vintage 2018 bathroom style tile are always a very nice solution!


2018 bathroom trendy decorating idea: the accent wall


Let's move on to another 2018 bathroom trend that you could benefit from if you are doing this whole room again. This is the accent wall. The accent wall is a vertical surface designed to attract the eye. He plays the role of a focal point in the house.


Like many other trends we are considering here, the accent wall is not a deco-style approach to bathroom design alone. On the contrary, such a wall can very well adorn every room in the house. We talked about different ways to create one in this recent publication.


Do you like this 2018 bathroom deco idea? So think of a wall covering made of natural materials, like wood. Or, consider a design wallpaper suitable for this room in the house. Do not forget the various possibilities of tiling or deco stone. These are all possible approaches in terms of bathroom layout trend!

Bathroom trend 2018: marble surfaces remain very fashionable


The marble surfaces make the buzz in terms of kitchen decor and bathroom. They have been present in these rooms of the house for some years now. And everything seems to indicate that they will continue during the coming months!

trend bathroom 2018 ambiance-nordic-faucet-black

Marble is a noble material that seduces us with its elegant appearance. Among its strengths, there is the fact that it is perfectly suited to the development of a bathroom. Do not hesitate to adopt it, you do not regret it!


Have you fallen for the idea of ​​decorating your bathroom space with marble? So know that you can follow many different approaches. Among them, the idea to offer you a wall covering or a floor covering in this material. On the more economical side, today there are trendy bathroom furniture made of marble or imitating its surface.

2018 trendy bathroom decor: terrazzo flooring

tile-bath-tub-trend terrazzo

Another type of surface bathroom 2018 trend that is the buzz right now: the terrazzo. We have already mentioned it in one of our publications on deco trends for this year, terrazzo estco a word of Italian origin. It designates a type of specific surface of mosaic appearance.

idee-deco-trend-hall-of-bath tiles terrazzo

Interesting coating solution, terrazzo was prized in the past for its affordable cost. In fact, this coating was obtained by reusing small pieces of tiles of different shapes and sizes. It is this type of coating that gives the terrazzo surface its unique appearance every time.

tiles terrazzo-bath-tub-deco

Suddenly, the terrazzo allows a great freedom in terms of choice of colors and size of pieces of tiles. Currently, you can adopt it for a floor or wall covering. Another option would be to rely on a worktop or sink made using this ancient technique.

2018 bathroom trendy decorating idea: the spa atmosphere

trend bathroom 2018 decoration-modern-ideas

The latest trend we're looking at today is the 2018 bathroom spa. Again, this is a deco idea that is not new. It has dominated relaxation areas for several years now.


And this is not very surprising! The spa atmosphere is attracting more and more people who dream of a modern and comfortable bathroom. It promises to help us achieve a relaxing and cozy space. For this, this bathroom trend 2018 mobilizes luxury surfaces, such as stone and wood. The mosaics are also a frequent choice, especially because they are reminiscent of a bathroom inspired by Greco-Roman traditions.

en-suite bathroom-spa-deco-trends

To add to that, we will combine these surfaces with chic and modern accessories. The choice of faucets is particularly important for those who wish to follow this bathroom trend 2018. We recommend you to consider models of showers and bathtubs upscale. If the size of the room allows it, do not hesitate to offer a mini sauna or a jacuzzi!

bath-tub-deco-relaxing spa

So here are 10 bathroom 2018 deco ideas to keep in mind for your makeover project or home improvement project. If you need even more inspiration to implement one or more of these trends, browse the image collection below. You will find some additional photos that illustrate various ways to use them to further beautify your bathroom!

deco-trend-bath-tub-faucet-design deco-trend-bath-tub-tile-metallized deco-bath-tub-trend-mirror-wood tile-pattern-room-of-bath-design color-bath-tub-trend-2018 tiled-design-bathroom-with-modern-bathroom color-trend-bath-tub-modern-design