Amerindian inspired woman face painting pattern: get inspired!

face painting woman-indian-american-models

Looking for a really interesting face painting or make-up idea for a woman? Whether for a party with disguise, for an original evening with friends or on the occasion of the day Halloween You can have fun trying a Native American-inspired woman's face painting.

This is a makeup that is both exotic, fine and very pretty. In fact, it even makes you want to wear it every day, so it's interesting and chic at the same time!

A selection of women's face painting and makeup ideas inspired by the culture of the Indians of America

As you probably know, the two continents of North and South America were inhabited by several native peoples, now called Native Americans. Each people had their own marks of gratitude which was expressed, among other things, by accessories and body paints . Original and very pretty, these paintings of body and face largely reflect the reasons of nature that these people respected enormously. They consist, in addition, of classical geometric patterns. Everything is concentrated in the area around the eyes but also elsewhere on the face. And then, Native American peoples also used various colors to embellish their accessories and their body art.

face painting woman-model-indian-america-idea

All of these traditions are reflected in our collection of woman face painting ideas and make-up patterns. The opportunities that invite us to wear this kind of makeup are very numerous. Carnival parties in the summer are very popular. And, then, other events with such a character are not rare: birthday days, party with disguises, the evening of October 31... Let yourself be inspired!

A red and white make-up that highlights the look

face painting woman-halloween-idea

You will probably notice it in our collection of images: the most popular types of face painting of the Indian type of the Americas are intended for the emphasis of the eyes. We have many examples of this type. Some prefer bright colors, others rely on original patterns.

A black and white makeup that focuses on the eyes with contrasts

halloween-makeup-amerinidian face painting

The white color accentuates the look further. An even more interesting effect is easily obtained on the image above. It consists of using the combined white and black in the area around the eyes. You can get inspired by the picture above to replicate it.

A makeup and face painting for women inspired by bohemian chic fashion

face painting halloween-makeup-woman

It is interesting to note that the modern make-up of Native American style is also available as a bohemian chic variant. This is not very surprising, though. To understand this trend, it would be enough to remember the importance of Native American culture on the hippie movement in the 60s of the 20th century.

A woman's face painting idea for Halloween fast last minute

face painting model-woman-native american

The makeup and face painting of Native American inspiration seem too complicated? The picture above shows that this is not necessarily the case. There are plenty of possibilities to create a native American style makeup without spending hours there. For that, you could even use one color: black!

A beautiful Halloween makeup idea with cat eye effect

face painting halloween-woman-ideas

Native American-inspired makeup and face painting are prized for their exotic effect. Cat-eye painting, for example, is available as a variant of Indian native face painting. To make it, use black color, as shown in the example above. You can complete with a few touches of white if you wish.

An idea of ​​makeup and face painting woman with accessories for head

face painting woman-indian-america-idea

Native American makeup is traditionally associated with a suitable disguise. If you decide to bet on a disguise of this type, we advise you to think of accessories for your head, like this beautiful idea with feathers illustrated at the top. This would give an even more remarkable effect to your face painting woman!

A Halloween woman face painting idea in warm and bright tones

face painting woman-amerindien-idees

Mystic makeup in black seduces many women, even for their everyday look. It gives a dramatic appearance and at the same time very modern and original. With the image at the top, we give you an idea to adapt this type of makeup to a face paint for Halloween.

On the occasion of this party, think of a makeup that covers a part of your face in bright and clear color. Then add clear touches to the eyelids and emphasize the look with mascara. For a more harmonious effect, try a warm tone lipstick too.

An idea of ​​Halloween makeup and face painting for women all in color


When it comes to Indian-inspired face painting, the combinations of blue and green are just as successful. In the example above, they come in the form of subtle stripes in the area under the eyes. A good idea if you have blue or green eyes, shades that you can highlight with this type of makeup!

An Indian-inspired woman's makeup idea that anyone can copy


Some Native American style face painting models are really very simple. They are accessible even to those who have just started the art of makeup. This is the case with the face paint model on the picture above. It is based on the use of a single color, white. And the reasons are very simple to replicate!

A model of woman face paint with shaded effect


Conversely, other models of face painting require a little more time and work. But the effect is well worth it! One of the most appropriate illsutrations for this purpose comes from the photo above. We see an Indian woman make-up with a shaded effect. It is completed by geometric patterns in bright colors.

A Halloween makeup idea with native Indian motifs


You do not have enough time? Rest assured, you can make a quick face paint with geometric patterns, like those seen in the previous example. For that, simply provide one or two colors, such as red and black. Use them to draw the classic patterns of your choice. We suggest triangles, lines and points!

An exotic native Indian makeup idea for women with awesome accessories


Feathers are certainly a beautiful idea for a woman's face painting accessory. But they are not the only accessory to consider. There are many more fascinating examples, as you can see in this picture. So, for your next disguise, recycle old items that you have at home with a little creativity!

Woman face paint for Halloween with red color


We have already seen that woman face painting with red color is very popular. In the previous examples, we talked about ways to emphasize the eyes with this color. With the image at the top, we move on to another idea. It is centered on the other parts of the face and therefore passes below the eye area. This idea will give you the opportunity to beautify your eyes with a more classic makeup without overloading your expression too much.

A Native American makeup idea in bright tones complemented by a headband


Do you like bright colors? So try a face painting idea in shades of blue and green. As we said above, this type of makeup is not necessarily very complex. Know that you can also wager on a headband to adorn your head. This will include shades similar to those used on your face. This is a way to create an exotic and balanced look!

An example of Native American makeup with headband and two colors of makeup


Here is another example of a woman's face paint with blue. This one is associated with brown and these two colors dominate the part of the face which is close to the eyes. To complete all this, we bet on a headband of small size. You will notice that the patterns on the headband replicate those in the eye makeup. They also mobilize the same nuances as those on the face.

A native american makeup idea for woman's face with hair jewelry


Of course, the headband and Indian native accessories with feathers are not the only possibilities to complete a woman's face painting of this style. You can also very well bet on a classic make-up associated with a jewel for hair pearls. This idea tempts you? So we suggest you try a woman's face painting that has the same patterns as jewelry. The dots and pearls echo, so you could bet on this combination if it seduces you!

Woman's makeup idea for party with disguise of Indian native inspiration

makeup, face-painting-woman-amerindien

Do you prefer a dramatic makeup or a discreet woman makeup for your disguise? If you are looking for a discreet idea, think of a makeup effect ameridinen for your eyelids. Forget the rest of the face and focus on that specific area. Show off your makeup skills and combine two or more color holes. Look at the model on the picture above to inspire you!



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