Alcohol-free Halloween Recipe: Recipes, Tips and Preparations

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If you are looking for magical potions, shabby and scary cocktails, bizarre but delicious drinks, you've fallen to the right place. Halloween approaches and with this, all the preparations that go with it.

We choose the decoration, the costume, the makeup but to get to the smallest detail you also need to plan the food and drinks that go with it.

In this article we will propose some ideas and tips for recipe cocktail Halloween without alcohol to be enjoyed by big and small.

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A non-alcoholic Halloween cocktail recipe, there are many. But that's not all! Here, we will not only offer you some cocktail ideas, but also teach you how to decorate them and transform them into the spirit of Halloween. The colder the Halloween cocktail, the more it will be in the tone of the evening.


All non-alcoholic Halloween cocktail recipes should be sparkling or dull colors, accompanied by fake blood, floating eyes, ghosts and earthenware glasses that will give you the urge to flee. If children are fans of witchcraft magic, one can turn each glass into a magic potion to accompany the evening in all its splendor.

beaker-glass idea Hydration

But let's not waste any more time.

Let's start with this alcohol-free Halloween cocktail in green and full of vitamins. To achieve this, you would need:

  • two Granny Smith apples
  • a cucumber
  • a lime and optionally sugar

Wash, peel and dice the cucumber and apples. Then, pass them to the centrifuge. Finally, add half a lime and a little sugar or honey. Serve in beakers to make you think of the magic potions of the witch and the trick is played!


If you want to embellish your alcoholic Halloween cocktail recipe with something extra, we suggest you create homemade floating eyes. For this, you simply need a box of lychees and some black or white grapes. Take a lychee and put in a grape. The result is not only realistic but also delicious. Either, from the end of the cocktail, one can enjoy with pleasure the exotic fruits.


This non-alcoholic Halloween cocktail recipe is appreciated by small monsters, but also by adults, when it is embellished with a tangy touch.

For the blow, it's easy! Simply pour orange juice into a glass and add a grenadine syrup to the bottom. And for the tangy touch? Go for red hot pepper and taste it to your guests as a game.


This non-alcoholic beverage can be served as a punch. It does not look very appetizing, but believe us, it is! Simply pass some peaches to the centrifuge, add a touch of milk and let a few pieces float to stay in the spirit of the evening of October 31.

deco-preparation glass syringe

Do you plan to impress your guests? What better way to prepare a non-alcoholic cocktail in front of them! And to make it more original, use a syringe to pour the drink into the glass or simply to add a final touch.

These would be even better if you find interesting lab glasses or patterns to decorate the containers in question.


No need to go too far or spend too much money. You can use food to decorate your cocktails. In this case above, peppers were used to form the horns of the devil. Hell, right?


The punch is one of the favorite drinks of everyone, at great evenings. This allows you to serve yourself at will throughout the evening. On top of that, it's pretty and tasty.

We will therefore propose you a non-alcoholic Halloween cocktail recipe to serve in a bowl or in glasses.

It is up to you to make your choice. And for this, you should bring with you:

  • Orange juice
  • lemonade
  • lemon
  • fruits

Here, we continue in simplicity, as in previous recipes. Simply mix the orange juice with the lemonade to have a few peps and cut out seasonal fruit to choose from that is added inside. Then, squeeze half a lemon and pour to the bottom. Tchin!

juice de Granada-without-halloween

What would you think of a softening soft drink? This can be done in two ways. Either you bet on red-colored drinks, such as pomegranate syrup, red fruit juice or whatever. Either you can use dye. In both cases, the effect is very realistic, especially if you accompany your cocktail from a syringe.


And if you want to make things even more interesting and you want to impress your guests, we advise you to make non-alcoholic shooters. The principle of the shooter is to drink it dry ass, in a single sip. And if you do not want to do too simple, go get test tubes in which you can serve your mini cocktails. This presentation will be even more fun if you prepare it for children.

Breakfast glass cocktail drink

Here is another idea Halloween decoration for your drinks. Deco can be found everywhere. But when it's edible, it's even better. Throughout the year, but especially during the month of October one can find plenty of gelatinous candies in the form of insects. Kids love it, but adults too. Even if they hide it.

All these sweet insects can accompany all your drinks during the Halloween party.

idea-drink glass-sweet

Now let's move on to serious things. How to get the magic potion effect or the witch's cauldron? Here everything is possible! The great secret is in the dry ice. This gives a smoke effect it is actually frozen carbon dioxide. To achieve it, you have to handle it carefully and carefully.

And to get an idea of ​​what we are referring to, do not miss watching the video above. This smoke is not dangerous but must be under the supervision of at least one adult.


As you can see, there are plenty of ideas. You have to be imaginative and do not hesitate to smear and drizzle your glasses of drinks in weird colors.

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