9 fresh ideas for storing firewood in a modern house

wood storage heating-in-house

How to choose the best place for storing firewood inside your house? While in most cases this is the fireplace the main attraction of the piece, sometimes its accessories and its decor can take this role.

And it's pretty!

roundwood log stockade

Chimneys require a lot of wood. Storing this one in a modern way can be both easy to use and fascinating depending on the design you choose. The place of storage of firewood is a blessing that could become the surprising element of the decor that your living room or any other user-friendly piece is missing. Look at our suggestions!

wood storage twigs

1. Wood storage: Niche in the wall

This fireplace has a niche built into the wall to accommodate the pile of wood. It's a sculptural option and the string lights add a very nice charm to the whole.


The storage of firewood can also be a little more discreet. Instead of a niche dug into the wall somewhere around the fireplace, it can be hidden behind it.


2. Wood storage: Use a mobile support

A simple stand made of a metal pipe and wood fits perfectly in the corner right next to the fireplace. It can guarantee you plenty of room for your firewood. The casters facilitate the mobility of the unit and you can put it where you want and change if necessary.

support-mobile wood storage

The clean and simple design of the fireplace is complemented by the wood storage system. Both have rectangular shapes, are black and stand out against the white background.

mobile-and-matching wood storage

A simple roof in which are stored the logs for this fireplace in a neat square. It is compact and rustic and could also serve as a side table.


3. Wood storage: The vertical

In most cases, vertical storage is preferred. Storage spaces built into the wall like this one are not only beautiful, but they are also very practical.

9 fresh ideas for storing firewood in a modern house

An extremely high ceiling like this and a chimney wall all along are really impressive. However the most interesting thing is the place for storage of firewood that draws attention right away.

storage-vertical ceiling above

Usually, the chimney and the storage of the wood are placed next to each other. In this case, the chimney is below and the wood above. The set is carefully organized into a square stack.

storage-of the-timber-storage-vertical-over-the-stack

4. Wood storage: Playing with colors Firewood in this case is used to create a contrast with the concrete chimney. The two materials meet beautifully and complement each other, making the room warm and inviting. Storage-of-wood-play-with-colors

The wood storage system is similar to the chimney in terms of shape, size and color. Together, they stand out as a modern duo. Very clean, simple and practical.

storage-of the-timber-color-matching 5. Wood storage: Create multiple compartments

A single compartment can be pretty if there is a unique design or shape. However if you prefer to be practical and make the most of your wood storage system, then something like this is just what you need. It has eight square compartments waiting to be filled.

storage-of the-timber-multiple-compartments

Two symmetrical vertical compartments are designed to keep firewood tidy near the fireplace. The one below is the one currently being used while the other is a backup, for the sake of symmetry.

storage-of the-timber-with-two-compartments 6. Wood Storage: Horizontal

Instead of a vertical design, a horizontal approach may also seem equally interesting. The storage of firewood is built in a low window unit that uses it as a decorative element.

storage-of-horizontal-wood rengement

The wall between the kitchen and the living room has been demolished. The lower part has become a bar / island with an integrated fireplace and an open storage compartment for firewood. The whole is thus accessible on both sides.


Wall partitions like this one are popular and there is a good reason for that. They allow you to incorporate a fireplace that can be enjoyed from two areas at the same time. There is also plenty of room for the wood below.

Storage-of-wood-rengement-horizontal-between-kitchen and lounge

If you still like to be prepared, then a solid wood storage area like this should be what you are looking for. The logs, beautifully stacked, are really beautiful.


7. Wood storage: More casual

If you are looking for something more casual that does not require you to demolish the walls or redesign your home, keep the logs tight using leather belts.


Sometimes the simplest solution is right in front of you. Use a bucket to store firewood and leave it in plain view. This will make it an element of the warm and inviting decor of your home.


Wooden crates are used here to hold firewood. They are placed in the entrance hall and can also be used as a side table.

storage-in-traps-wood 8. Wood Storage: With minimalist design

Minimalist and somewhere between the modern and the traditional in terms of style, this fireplace has an extension that takes the form of a coffee table. You can store wood just below.


In this case, the wood is stored under the chimney. The design makes it easy to use. The concrete platform leaves enough space just below.


This gas fireplace has a hidden compartment underneath it. The drawer opens to reveal a deep storage space where the logs can be placed vertically.

design-minimalist-drawer-a-logs 9. Wood Storage: Unique Design

It's a unique design. A circular wall piece is used to store the wood of the fireplace and makes it an extraordinary detail for interior decoration.


Very modern and glamorous, this fireplace is surrounded by walls of glass. The pile of wood becomes a design element in the background.

fireplace-in-glass-with-the-storage-timber A fireplace with a rustic design that is divided into two parts. The fire crackles on one side and the wood is waiting to be turned into ashes on the other. fireplace-design-with-rustic