15 WD40 Ideas Amazing Uses to Know Absolutely!

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The WD40 is a product that turns out to be a real miracle! In fact, this little known sprayer is much more functional than one might think.

15 ideas of WD40 uses that will surprise you

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Sold in the form of a sprayer, WD40 is generally used as a lubricant, cleaner and anticorrosion product. In fact, you can use it to protect and clean all kinds of surfaces and objects in your home. Below is a list of 15 WD40 uses that will simplify your everyday life. Enjoy!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to clean the locks of a door

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With the WD40 sprayer, you can lubricate, clean and protect a door lock. This is probably one of the best known WD40 uses.

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Are you facing a blocked door lock? In fact, it is not the locks themselves that are problematic. It is rather the opening where key is inserted which is responsible for the difficulty to open or close a door of the house or that of a car. Use your WD40 to eliminate such problems!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to clean your hobs

wd40 uses kitchen-plates-cooking-cleaning

Among the WD40 uses, there are also those relating to the cleaning of surfaces and objects in the kitchen. As you may already know, the WD40 is an excellent fat cleaner. It will help you remove residue on your cooking plates. So here's a tip for the maintenance of your kitchen every day!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to protect a bird feeder

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You have a bird feeder which is the subject of frequent attacks by squirrels? Some people swear by the effectiveness of the WD40 product for the protection of their feeders. The oil contained in the spray produces a slippery layer that prevents squirrels from reaching the seeds reserved for birds.

An idea of ​​WD40 uses that leaves us still dubious about the quality of the seeds exposed to this chemical...

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to unclog cups or glasses


You've probably encountered this problem: two cups or two glasses on top of each other get stuck and you can not separate them. Use your WD40 to overcome this problem. But be careful, remember to rinse your cups or glasses several times after the procedure!

Idea of ​​WD40 Uses for a Stuck Ring

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As with cups, the WD40 product can help you remove a ring or ring stuck on your finger. So here is a tip of using WD40 that can save your life if you do not have soap on hand. Again, caution is needed: do not forget to wash your hands after using the product!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to repel insects

wd40-use push-mosquito insect

Do you have an insect problem in your house? No problem! Take your WD40 sprayer and apply a small amount of the product to sensitive areas, such as the area around the door, window frames, etc. Attention, this use WD40 is not recommended if you have a baby or a toddler in your house!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to eliminate chewing gum tangled in the hair

Chewing gum hair wd40-tricks

This happens often to children and teens: chewing gum gets tangled in the hair and the situation quickly turns into a nightmare. Fortunately, thanks to your bottle of WD40, you do not need to use scissors!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to clean his kitchen

wd40-cleaning stain-cafe-the-level-of-work

In addition to acting as a degreaser, the WD40 is a product that can facilitate the maintenance of all surfaces of your kitchen. This applies as much to the floor as to the work plans!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to remove stubborn stains

cleaning-brand wood-wd40-bomb-spray

The coffee and tea stains are among the most resistant, in the kitchen as elsewhere. Fortunately, the WD40 is here to eliminate them. Better yet, this cleaning trick works even on sensitive surfaces, like, for example, wood!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to clean the toilet

toilet-cleaning, easy-wd40

It's a bit the same way you can consider using the sprayer to remove stains from your toilet. Spray, clean and flush the toilet to finish!

Idea of ​​WD40 uses to make his shoes waterproof

DEGRIPPANT-wd40-purpose shoe-boots

This idea to use the WD40 is really clever. If you like to need waterproof shoes, take out your bottle of WD40. Apply the product on the surface of your shoes. It will create a film to prevent moisture from penetrating to your feet.

Idea of ​​use WD40 to clean a license plate

clean-plate-registration wd40

Sometimes the license plates of our cars tend to rust. But do not panic, just pack your WD40 bottle. Applied on the surface of the plate, the product will prevent oxidation and clean the surface of the plate. Convenient and fast at the same time, is not it?

Idea of ​​use WD40 to repel wasps

wd40 uses insects-repel-goats

Unlike other insects, wasps can be a real problem. The situation can be even more unpleasant when wasps decide to settle on our terraces or in our gardens. Fortunately, to repel them and prevent them from doing so, you'll only need a little WD40!

How to clean your garden tools with the WD40 sprayer

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No garden tool lasts forever. On the other hand, you can enjoy the amazing power of your WD40 bottles to maintain your tools in good condition and increase their lifespan. For this, apply the product on their metal parts or on those made of wood. Some will be cleaned and protected from rust; the others will be protected from moisture thanks to the lubricating properties of the product!

Idea to use the WD40 in cleaning grease pencils

wd40-cleaning-wall pencil-fatty drawings

Another very common household problem is the children's game, which involves beautifying a wall of the house with greasy pencils. The problem is even greater when you live in a rental housing and can not afford to change the wall decor. Fortunately, the magical powers of the WD40 can help you clean your walls efficiently and quickly!