10 Great Ways to Bring Street Art Inside Your Home

street art at home

There is something unexpected, almost aggressively cool but charming to add street art to the decoration of the house . Whether it is directly painted on the walls or hung as a piece of art Street art comes back inside to fascinate us.

street art in-the-house

Street art arrives inside to bring us a message. We have found eleven amazing ways to integrate it directly into your home's current decor. Look at our proposals!

street art monochrome-black-white

1. Street art: Great piece of art

The beauty of adding a large room to an already painted wall is assured. There is also the fact that the Street style comes in many different colors. This is perfect when you want to have a unique color in the room.

street art large-room-in-the-living room

If you really want to draw attention to your living room, the key is to invest in a great piece of art that brings everything together. Think about how it will create a perfect atmosphere that soothes and expands the space.

2. Street art: Send a message

Send a small or a big message, the idea is to have a message that makes sense and resonates with you. He must also marry with a rather minimalist decor. This will bring out the message on your wall and make the whole space logical.

street art send-a-message

You can send a message to a loved one in a unique way: by marking it on your wall. The key is to stay simple and allow graffiti to speak for themselves.

3. Street art: Go big in a small space

The bathroom or toilet are the perfect places to add a touch of street art because of their small size. The idea is to make the space as modern as possible by a perfect and ultimate touch.

street-art in-room-of-bath

The idea of ​​a bathroom that has no windows and is painted in a rich dark color and then completed with bright graffiti seems quite attractive. However, keep the Street style to the maximum to get a better result.

street-art in-room-of-toilet

4. Street art: Brighten up the outdoor space

The mix of greenery with the bright colors of street art will expand the area and give your outdoor space of life. Keep the space with bright colors for a better look.

street art in the garden

Why keep the Street style inside the house when you can combine the indoor space with the outdoor one. The idea is to mix your current decor with the rich colors of Street art.

street-art-in garden

5. Street art: Accent wall

He is contemporary, modern, and he looks cool as always. The idea is to make this wall the main point of the room. You want to bring out the colors and make a modern piece appear while being part of the current decor. You can do it!

street art in-the-room

If passing a message is not what you want, it's the perfect way to stand out and give your home the color and texture it needs. Create a wall with Street art for a perfect contemporary touch. The best way to do this is to choose a space in the house and bring it to life.

street art wall-daccent street-art in-house

6. Street art: Choose subtly

Putting subtle touches around the house is another way to introduce Street Art to your home. Keep it simple for a better result.


Being bold and adventurous is not for everyone, but being subtle is. Therefore, adding a few Street style objects will unify the entire room. Use some bold colors and patterns that illustrate this style.

7. Street art: Choose the monochrome

Adding a touch of monochrome street art could be the perfect combination with other pieces of art in your home. The idea is to contrast Street art with the rest of the interior. A piece of black and white Street art will make the space lively especially if it is combined with pieces in different colors.

monochrome-black-and-white street art

8. Street art: Stay simple

Finding simplicity when working with a piece of street art might be difficult. The best way to do this is simply to add a bold piece with a neutral decor. It's also great to create a friendly space around this area of ​​the house.


Staying simple is the best way to show off your piece of street art. This will also allow you to keep a consistent space without having too much clutter.

9. Street art: Be creative

The entrance to the house is the perfect place to add a bold piece of art. Because this one is completely unexpected. By the time someone enters your home, he can already have a first look at what he will have in the rest of the house. You can also make this piece the only one of its kind.


Being creative is the best way to bring Street style into your home décor. Choose an area of ​​the house that needs some bright colors and add one or two pieces of street art.

10. Street art: Bright colors

Using brightly colored and underlined pieces is the best way to display Street style in your home. Keep the space well connected with some bright colors and creative ideas. The beauty of your space will always be in its size, but also in the presence of bold and consistent areas.

street-art-bright colors

Choose bright colors for your Street style pieces while creating a great contrast with the existing colors of your home. The idea is to create a new palette that is both modern and contemporary. Keep it bold and fun for better results.


Street style can give life to your home. But which of these elements will you incorporate into your home? It's up to you!

street art in the living room